Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Winter cruising

It's just three years this week since we took ownership of Herbie and I well recall it was brass monkeys weather then too. Trapped for several weeks above a stoppage at Stanstead Abbots up the Lee navigation we contented ourselves with short trips up to Ware and Hertford and it had left us with a soft spot for those places. It also gave us a liking for winter cruising. As the old saying goes - there's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.

Here we are are our inaugural cruises all wrapped up but in my case not afraid of a celebratory cold drink!

Very soon we'll be braving the cold to test out some of my canalometer timings. It looks like I've had about 90 visits to my canalometer pages this week, although I can't tell from my software how many people have downloaded PDFs. Frustrating. Some more canalometers will appear very soon. South Oxford canal for a start. I did one for the Thames, but its very hard to know what speed to base the sums on. It depends so much on the speed of the current, which on the Thames is very variable.
Which should I do next - any requests?

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VallyP said...

Lovely memories reflected here Neil. About your canalometer, I wish I could help, but don't know enough about the stretches of waterways in the Uk to offer any suggestions.