Saturday, March 07, 2009

Camera report

Vally P asks for an update on how I am finding my new Panasonic TZ4 camera, and who am I to refuse my most regular commenter :-)

Well I'm pretty pleased with it. I especially like the wide angle lense which makes some photos possible that wouldn't otherwise get in what you need. Look at this shot of the unique place at Hanwell where the road crosses the canal which crosses the railway at the same spot. The photo is taken from the road bridge. I tried it last year with my other camera and couldn't get it all in but it looks fine with this camera. The camera is also easy to use and feels very solid.

What Vally really needs to know is if it is worth upgrading from her TZ2 which has less megapixels. Hmm. I suspect it is but I can't be sure. I'm certainly pleased with the resolution and sharpness from the TZ5 although I find I can't hold the camera as steady as I would with a viewfinder camera. It is sharper than my other camera which is 5megapixel. Rick also has a TZ4 and took a good shot of a bird in his garden and the detail was superb. Sorry I don't have a copy of it here to show.

Would I buy this camera again? Yes.


Halfie said...

Is it a compact, Neil, or an SLR?

Neil Corbett said...

Its a compact, but not a very compact one :-). Lots of reviews of it can be found via google.

VallyP said...

Thanks so much Neil. I also have trouble with the wobbles, but have never found viewfinders work for me, so the big screen is great. I suppose what I'm really looking for is increased resolution, but not so much that it becomes 'noisy' in low light. I've read the reviews and they are very enthusiastic. What I do like is that I can still slip the TZ4 in my pocket, so it's compact enough for that. My Koos has Nikons and they are all too big to tuck in a corner. I think I'll hum and ha a bit longer though. I'd like to read just a few more to be sure, but your shot here is terrific! The wide angel is fantastic.

VallyP said...

angle...not angel, although I expect a wide angel is also good ;-)