Friday, March 27, 2009

Rail links to waterways

Never say I don't take notice of comments. On the suggestion of Sue on Indigodream I've adapted my tube style map of this year's cruise to include railway stations. Actually it's not too much of a sacrifice to do the job since we'll be wanting to get back home by public transport from time to time, so It'll be handy for us. It now looks as though it has measles, but anyway here it is. Click to see it big.

As for Halfie's suggstion that I do a similar map for the whole system - you'll have to wait a very long time. If anyone elase wants to have a go and add to the library, that'd be good.


Anonymous said...

Quick work Neil! That'll be very useful.
Now, if I could just delegate you a few bits of DIY......:-)

VallyP said...

That's such a neat idea Neil. Have been away for a few days in the wilds of Welsh Wales so I've missed a few posts here. Catching up is fun, though!