Thursday, March 26, 2009

Picture problem cracked

When I posted my map yesterday I noticed that it enlarged properly if clicked upon, whereas other pictures lately seem not to. So I did a bit of research and bingo, I've solved the problem. Other Blogger bloggers take note.

After you upload the picture, it comes in at the top of the posting and of course you often drag it to a new spot within the text. Yesterday I left the map and the top and it enlarged with a click. If you drag and drop it doesn't. Thankfully there is a way round it. All you have to do is click on the HTML tab,, identifiy the code for the picture (you can't really miss it) and drag and drop the whole of that code.

Aplologies if a) you already knew that or b) if you couldn't care less because you are not a Blogger blogger.

Anyway to celebrate, here is a picture of Brentford basin that should enlarge when you click on it.
In future all my pics should follow suit so get clicking.


Halfie said...

I find "my" HTML tab is already "clicked", i.e. the "other" tab is one called "compose". I've not really investigated the compose function, so I've always dragged around those blocks of code. I just thought that's what one had to do! I have often wondered how other bloggers managed to make their pictures not clickable.

On a related topic, I find it annoying that photos appear on the post in the reverse order in which they're uploaded (if you do a batch of up to five at a time).

nb.bobcat said...

Very useful to know for us beginners. Thank you. I particularly like your canal/tube map. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I could delegate a little task to you, namely, plotting the actual tube/train stations onto your waterways 'tube' map. As we're often commuting to our boat when we're out and about it would be so helpful to know where the stations are in relation to the canal! I've been meaning to do it for ages :-)

Simon said...

kind of 'a', as I've always worked within html anyway - I let it bung the code at the top of the page and then copy & paste to where within the text I want it. To be honest it's never occurred to me to do it any other way...

(PS spotted there's an irish pub session at O Riordan's further down the high st in Brentford, should you ever be passing)

(PPS I'm now slightly worried if I click on the real Brentford it'll get bigger as well)