Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A chance encounter = new cratch cover

When we were at Hertford last year we shared a lock with Nb G's Cargo and got chatting like you do. It turns out that they are a travelling workshop making cratch covers and other sewn items for boaters.

Well, we need a new cratch cover as ours has sustained a fair amount of rips and tears, partly because of its design. The lower edges hang too deeply over the gunnels at the bows and are too easily caught against lock sides and gates. Here's a bit from an old photo showing some of the damage. There are also some splitting seams here and there.

A repair done by the makers a year or so ago was less than satisfactory and cost over £100.

G's Cargo said they could make us a new one for £375 and best of all will do it while they are moored next to us so that they can do on site fitting. Their work looks good and they operate entirely by personal recommendation, so we made a provisional booking for this spring. We have to let them have the boat for five or six days while they do the job.

Last weekend we met them again at the end of the Slough arm and agreed the deal. What could be more convenient? Hopefully they can fit us in in the next couple of weeks. Better still we have discussed the design problems and we reckon we can make it fit better and less likely to collect damage.

We'll let you know how we get on.

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VallyP said...

Sounds good, Neil. Great that they are so accommodating too!