Friday, March 20, 2009

Fear of tragedy - boater missing on GU

When I went out to Herbie yesterday to do a spot of repair painting on the roof, there was fear and consternation in the area. I'm moored up close to Pete and Genda who are making our new cratch cover. Behind them is another boat usually occupied (living aboard) by a chap on hs own. This man, whose name I don't know, seems to have gone missing about a week ago. His boat was left with the door open and fresh food lying about.

Apparently he is known to go on the occasional bender, and the fear is he might have fallen into the cut whilst not in full possession of his faculties. The police have been called, BW is on the case and his very worried daughter has come out to the boat to investigate.

I'll keep you posted.


VallyP said...

Please let them find him safe and sound, even if inebriated. I've lost two friends from just such a situation.

Simon said...

heavens, yes let's hope he turns up fine. When single handed (sober, too) I'm over-cautious as I know there's not necessarily anyone to catch me/pull me out etc. I don't intend to start cutting corners, either.