Monday, April 13, 2009

Bike beats car beats boat

One day left before we set off. We had a strange sort of dress rehearsal today in that we drove up to Huntingdon to visit Richard to deliver lardy cakes (one of his weaknesses)and then on to Cambridge to take Peter back to his place after he had been visiting us for easter. Our boat trip will take us to the same places except that it will take many weeks instead of the half day it took by car!!

Some people have dogs to guard their home. Richard currently has a swan. We tiptoed past it on the small spit of land that connects his boat to the shore of the marina. The swan was obviously resentful of our presence but it grudgingly let us by. One of these days Richard is going to be trapped. I still envy him his domestic position. Here is the view he sees every morning when he looks out of his door. Back at Cambridge we dropped Peter off by the Chemistry department where he had left his bike and drove the couple of miles back to the Castle inn where he would join us for a meal and a pint (the Castle is a beer hound's paradise -8 really good real ales). To our surprise Peter got to the pub before we did. Twelve years at Cambridge has taught him all the cycle short cuts.

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VallyP said...

I think your title says it all, but you'll have so much more time to enjoy these trips by boat!