Thursday, April 02, 2009

A heavyweight issue

We hope to reinstate Herbie's roofbox before we go away. This is a non trivial task as it weighs a ton. It was made by Herbie's previous owner out of scaffolding planks and was unpainted. In 1996 I took it home and painted it to look like this. You can see how thick the wood is.

Then I made some triangular end pieces to create a roof slope for a cover, so then it looked like this.

Now Kath will make a decent cover from the extra cratch cover fabric we bought from Glenda. Lifting it on to the boat roof is quite a job as it weighs so much, we'll have to get the boat near our car somewhere. I'm a bit concerned that we might have to remove it if we encounter any very low bridges this summer. At least the end triangles screw off fairly easily. Come to think of it, I'm not sure it'll go in our present car. The last time we moved it we had our huge old Peugeot estate which was several inches longer. That might be a problem I hadn't thought about until now.

Oooh Errr!

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VallyP said...

It's a lovely box, but what is it actually for?