Sunday, April 12, 2009

A temporary? disaster - please read and help

Off topic, but please read on if you know my email address ( I do of course). Our main PC has had a mega mega crash and had had to be taken away for someone to try to get into it. We won't have it back before we set off on our trip, so we'll be using our laptop which doesn't have our email contact directory on it. So if you think you would have been on our directory i.e. we have exchanged emails in the past, please can you send me a mail so I can capture your address. This applies to all friends and family ( I know a number of you follow the blog)- we've lost the lot pro tem. I sincerely hope we get the directory back when the PC is fixed but we can't guarantee it.

Sadly, I had just bought a portable hard drive to back up everything, but the crash got there first.

Thanks folks

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VallyP said...

Agh shame Neil! That's really bad luck, and so frustrating. Good luck with gathering your contacts again!