Friday, April 03, 2009

Why have a box on the roof?

Vally P asks what the top box is for. A very good question. The answer is, anything you like really, but bulky items which need to be stored on board which you have little space for inside the boat. We have used ours for bags of coal and logs, brushes and mops, TV ariel, bits of fishing tackle etc. Vally has a big boat, so probably has no use for one.

Kath fancies getting one or two folding bikes, which could be kept there if they would fit. If that happened we'd have to chain them for security to a U bolt inside the box. Then the immense thickness of the box sides would come in handy.

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VallyP said...

Aha, yes, I understand now. If it's big enough for a couple of folding bikes, then it's a bit like having a trailer on the roof, I imagine. I think, as you've already said, the only drawback is if you need those extra inches for creeping under a low bridge. Thanks for the answer, Neil. The photo of it on the roof is a little foreshortened so you don't have a real image of how big it really is. Next question though. What wood is it made of if it is so very heavy? It must be some kind of hardwood, I suppose. We have some floor boards made of the same wood they use to make the mooring posts and rails with. I think it's called Azobei, although I don't know if that's the right spelling, but it weighs a ton!