Thursday, April 16, 2009

dyas 1 and 2 of the big cruise - all going great

Here we sit on a bit of the river Gade as it joins the Grand Union canal through Grove Park. it’s the end of the second day of our cruise and this is undisputably the poshest part of this canal. The cars driving over the ornamental bridge near the boat have included a convertible Aston Martin and numerous Mercedes. I'm surprised they tolerate our presence.

Today, we decided, could best be described as moist but pleasant. It only stopped raining when we arrived here after a day of ten locks and a few miles. At Batchworth we stopped for Tescos and to pick up friend David (shown smiling here although soaking wet)who spent a wet afternoon sharing the steering and the lock working.
Despite the weather we had a jolly time and made good progress.
Yesterday, our starting day, was sublime. The sun came out as we left our moorings, waving goodbye to Saltysplash and we even stopped for ice creams at Cowley Lock. It stayed warm and sunny throughout. How nice it is to be going up the GU again after we rested it last year. Despite the steady stream of locks it’s a lovely bit of canal once you get clear of Uxbridge. Jacob did a fair bit of steering and locking as we tootled on to one of our favourite moorings at Black Jacks lock, where to the sound of peacocks in the opposite garden and woodpeckers in the trees we set about fixing up our new top box cover sewn by Kath. Three times I hit my thumb with a lump hammer whilst fitting the eyelets, but the end result was startlingly good. It all sits very neatly.
Job’s a goodun.

Tomorrow we have to reach a point where Claire can meet us to take Jacob home. I hope it's Apsley because I'm very partial to the Paper Mill pub.

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VallyP said...

So good to see you're on your way Neil! Love the box cover...clever Kath! Sounds as if the rain didn't spoil your enjoyment at all though. We are busy on the slips here in Rotterdam. This week with Koos's barge, and then in two weeks time mine. I hope we get some 'faring' time this year. If not, I shall enjoy yours vicariously!