Thursday, September 29, 2011

Autumn Days Cruise - days 3 and 4

Here we are at Hawkesbury junction, somewhat knackered after a long day at the tiller under the burning sun.  Somehow it seems more tiring when there are no locks to do.  We just had the three Hilmorton locks first thing this morning.  In spite of the restrictions we got down the locks without any significant delays.

Yesterday, coming North from Braunston we came upon our old friend Leon on Nb The Old Bovine, the fist time we had seen him since his lovely wife Ray (Rae?) died six months ago.  He is bearing up well and it will come as no surprise to anyone who has met him that he is still putting his heart and soul into renovating the boat. Inside it is nothing short of wonderful.  Traditional fittings, gleaming brassware and perfect traditional decoration everywhere.  It's a real showpiece.  Not only all that but the boat has been lengthened (again!) and is now the full 70ft.  Wait - There's more!  The OB now has a new engine.  Not just any old engine but a brand spanking new Russel Newbury!!! (for those who don't know RNs are something of a Rolls Royce, being hand built today in the style of the old boat engines.)  I suspect this is Leon's present to himself after the terrible loss of Rae- and why not.

Badsey's cafe was good.  Food actually cooked for you and not just warmed up.  After I told them I was born in Badsey they showed me a book about the village containing an old picure of the 1892 Badsey Rangers football team with my grandad in the front row!  They very kindly ran me off a photcopy of the picture.

The Greyhound beckons, so I'll conclude with a few pics from today.

Fist, Herbie in the psychedelic Newbold tunnel

Next a picture of Badsey outside the cafe.  She has been repainted in post war austerity colours following her previous paint job being damaged by a spray of hydraulic fluid!

Finally a snap of one of the few places where we stayed cool today!


Halfie said...

Badsey seems to be sporting rather a large ugly fender!

Carrie said...

How wonderful to come across that photo of your grandfather like that and in Badsey's cafe too :-)

Anonymous said...

Ah, did you see a fast Virgin train whizzing past at Hilmorton or just beyond (Thursday)? I was on my way to Liverpool to meet up with Greygal for a boating adventure and waving at narrowboats in way which quite alarmed the other train passengers :-)

Enjoy your cruise - can't believe the weather.

Sue, nb Indigo Dream