Friday, September 02, 2011

Oooh, er... Aaah

I just got all excited.  Aldi is selling this
for £2.99.  Neat idea, a magnetic brush holder.  " I must tell everyone" I thought.  Then I thought for a minute.  Most good quality brushes have the metal bit made out of stainless steel. And most stainless steel is non magnetic.  Maybe I'll get one anyway because cheap stainless may be magnetic so it might work.


Halfie said...

Stainless steel non-magnetic? Really?

Rick said...

I have conducted a survey of my collection of 20 paint brushes and ALL the ferrules are magnetic, including the Purdy ones.

Interestingly, my motley collection of 11 artists' brushes all had non-magnetic ferrules.

Stainless steel can be magnetic or non-magnetic depending on whether its structure is Austenitic or Martensitic

Neil Corbett said...

I knew that!

BTW they are £2.99 for a pair! I bought a pack - the magnets aren't all that strong, but they might work. I'll do a test tomorrow

Neil Corbett said...

Preliminary trials show that they work!! Get some while stocks last.