Monday, September 05, 2011

TV aerials

At home we have a place where things pile up ready to take out to Herbie on our next visit. Currently it contains some bedding and a couple of new toys.  These are a shiny new socket set with lots of extension bars in the hope that some impossible jobs become a bit less impossible, and a new TV aerial which arrived today.

As recommended for boaters by the very wonderful which I blogged about some time ago, it is a log periodic aerial which looks like this


(yet another picture of our landing carpet).  You can see how it has two rows of sticky outy bits (SOB’s) one above the other, and that the SOB’s are staggered.  I don’t have a clue how this works as you may gather from my technical description.  Anyway when we get out to the boat, hopefully next weekend, I’ll stick it up and give it a go then report back.

PS you may or may not know that depending whether you are pointing your aerial at a main transmitter or a relay, the aerial should be mounted so that the SOB’s should be either horizontal or vertical accordingly.

I just remembered.  SOB’s are probably called elements.  I think.


Andy Tidy said...

It puts me in mind of the Pretenders - Stop stop SOBbing....

Adam said...

Are you going out next weekend? We'll be setting off on our big trip, hoping to be at Bruanston on Saturday night, and down towards Gayton Junction on Sunday night. Wondered if we might see you.

Neil Corbett said...

Capt. - aah I remember it well.
Adam - Our plans are very unclear at the moment but if we do get up to Crick it would be great to catch up with you - by car of course. Stay tuned.

Simon said...

no matter what aerial you have, it won't improve the content that comes out of the telly ... ;-)

Adam said...

Excellent -- send me a text or give me a ring if yu are around, and we'll tell you where we are.