Saturday, September 03, 2011

What do you do with a wife who likes rust?

Kath is amassing a collection of bits of rusty iron, supposedly for some rust dyeing process for her textile work.  Bits of farm gates found on a walk in Shropshire, a bolt from a broken groyne on a beach at Folkestone, and so it goes on.  Not only that but we keep having to stop the boat to take photos of rusty old boats with dodgy paintwork we she uses for “inspiration” for her designs.  Here’s a typical one.


Up the Coventry canal she was really taken with Charity Dock- right up her street




Actually it did have some lovely quirky bits




It’d be nice to have a stroll round.  I bet the elfin safety people would have a fit.

Although Kath sometimes drives me nuts, I must like something about her because tomorrow we will have been married for 35 years.  Here she is back in the day, as they say.



Captain Ahab said...

Go no - tell me she hasnt changed a bit....

Captain Ahab said...

I meant go on.... cant type!

Adam said...

Happy Anniversary! But to be fair, shouldn't you have posted a photo of yourself "back in the day", as well as one of kath?

TMW said...

Any one who likes rust should check out my blog:

best wishes,


VallyP said...

Brilliant! Rust creates its own designs. I totally agree with Kath, and no wonder you fell for her... the post and the photo are testament to the fact that she has much more than just a pretty face. Congratulations on your anniversary!

Kath said...

TMW - I've already found it - and loved it! In fact drooled over the pictures. I did think about using it for my 'project' for last year's embroidery class but thought it was a bit cheeky using all of someone else's work.
Capt Ahab - you can see from photos that unfortunately I have :-)
Adam - you may not like what you see

Bella said...

I like rust too. It is cheaper than wanting diamonds or gold so maybe a nice rusty bucket for the anniversary? I hope you have a happy one.