Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Journey planning to find the slowest route because of a village name

At the weekend we're off on our early autumn cruise.  I love trip planning, but this time I have an unusual problem because we want to keep going but go slow.  The reason is that for week one, our son Peter will be with us.  He will want us to do some boating each day, but we don't want to get too far too fast because:

a) we are planning to drop him off at Coventry at the end of the week and Coventry is realistically only three shortish days cruise from Crick, and
b) we are very keen to visit Badsey's cafe at Hillmorton ( only one and a half days out) and they don't open until Wednesday.

"What's so special about Badsey's?" I hear you ask.

Well for a daft reason really, although they do have a very good reputation for food.  You see I was born and brought up in the village of Badsey in the Vale of Evesham, and in a roundabout way the cafe is named after the village.

Actually the cafe is named after Badsey the old working boat moored outside. But the old boat, built in 1936 is a GUCCC Town Class boat, which means it's one of a series of boats named after towns and villages. I read somewhere that in order to find place names they looked at railway station names, which is a bit odd because our station was named " Littleton and Badsey" as we shared it with another village.  I can remember as a child lying in bed at night listening to the clang and clink of the goods wagons as they were marshalled in the goods yard a mile away, loaded with fruit and veg from the local growers.  All a bit academic now as that nasty Dr Beeching did away with the station a long time ago.

Incidentally, I am proud to say that Badsey has probably the best village web site in the whole of the UK and has won awards for it.  The local history society has built a massive database of all the buildings, people, trades and events in the village going back hundreds of years.  When we are doing our genealogy, Kath is green with envy because the Badsey society has saved me months of digging.  Take a look at www.badsey.net.  You'll be impressed. For especial delight,  I can  recommend the pages on Asum Grammar - the local dialect in which I am still fluent!  A prize for anyone who can translate Thee sist that chippa guz-gogs dussunt?

Anyway, I digress. How do we start at the weekend and delay our arrival at Hillmorton until Wednesday?

Firstly by not leaving until Monday, because Peter has not yet been to Crick so we can spend Sunday showing him around the marina and the village.  Secondly by doing a detour down to Napton en route.  Peter like his mum and dad has been known to enjoy the odd pint, and the Folly at Napton sells a particularly good one.


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