Friday, June 22, 2012

Herbie's position at stake.

There's always something to do at Braunston.  My principal ocupation since we arrived has been rushing outside to replace our mooring stakes every time a monster boat chugs by and rips them out.  First we hear a chug chug, then everything goes black as the behemoth blots out the light, then Herbie slides three feet forward and there is a squelching sound as the pins tear out of their holes in the soft muddy bank.

This morning I walked down to Midland Swindlers and procured the longest mooring stake that money can buy.  I think anything longer would be illegal for fear of penetrating the earth's crust and releasing a spume of magma.

The big boats are still arriving with some regularity, they must all have arrived soon and then Herbie will be safe again until they all depart. Unusually I think I'm right in recalling that three of them are steam powered- and no, that doesn't include President, which as far as I know is not here. Yet anyway.  Its great fun watching them approach the bridge near us and watching them wait until the very last second before lowering their chimneys.  One of these days one will make a misjudgement and the entertainment will be complete.

Last night Rick and marilyn popped over by car and we all trouped off to see the Daystar theatre play in hte beer tent. Once again their play was very good.  Amazing what can be done by two people and a lot of hats.  Don't miss them if you have a chance.


Anonymous said...

That's it - the disaster movie that all narrowboaters have been waiting for - extra long mooring pin penetrates earth's core and fills canals with magma.
Narrowboaters to the rescue while the tupperware melts to goo - of course your feet would get hot on deck but the triple-insulated socks and thick boots that we all wear would surely be enough protection.

That's your passport to Hollywood sorted - now, who would you choose to play yourself (the action hero)?? :-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Roger Smith said...

Don't forget the climactic fight scene on the villains Sea Otter where our hero leaps to safety just as the aluminium hull bursts into flames.
The hero should be played by Barry Van Dyke who could be voice coached for the role by his father.

VallyP said...

Seems mooring pins of extreme length stimulate more than just magma judging by the creative comments above. Braunston is on my wish list of weekends in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Hi Neil

Did you get my email? I'm not sure I put your address in correctly.

Kind regards


Ali and John (NB Triskaideka) said...

Great post!