Sunday, June 03, 2012


The queen looked nice and dry as we passed and she did seem to wave at Sue in her greyhound costume. We however, are cool and moist.
We understand nobody died but the count is still out for hypothermia cases!
Congratulations to those on the bank who have borne it with us.
I think we are somewhere near Limehouse but visibility too poor to confirm. We now have to sit it out downriver for some hours waiting for the lock to open.
I don't know how my frozen fingers typed this.
Deep joy.
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Carol said...

Very, very well done - what a great experience - something to be proud of and to tell the grandchildren about! Have a lovely evening!

Rainman said...

Well done all concerned, hope you dry out eventually. It must have been a magnificent spectacle for the spectators. Unfortunately the BBC decided that the vessels and riverscape were of less interest than "personalities" presenting cooks, artists, dancers and comedians!

Rick said...

I agree with Rainman.
it was quite clear that the presenters had done no more than minimal background research and any Tom, Dick or Harry dragged off the street could have done as good a job!

Anonymous said...

Steve says,
I agree with Rainman,about the BBC,and the presenter also called the IWA the Inland waterways authority !!!

Halfie said...

We saw you! And waved! And called out!

Halfie said...

Rainman, Steve and Rick, I saw some of the BBC coverage later. I don't know what all the fuss is about. Narrowboats were called narrowboats, and several were shown. It's understandable that the focus was on celebrities as they have the biggest appeal to the largest number of viewers. I expect all the other "minority" boating classes feel equally "poorly represented" by the TV coverage.