Thursday, June 28, 2012

Surviving the tornado!

It was looking pretty black over Will’s mum’s when we set off this morning.  Kath has a strange aversion to being struck by lightning, so we had to stop for a while when a thunderstorm blew up.  Then off we went round the Lapworth link and into the Stratford canal.  Lots of boats about and progress was steady but not quick as we descended into the Avon valley.

Then came the storm.  I was just setting a lock while Kath steered Herbie under the M40 bridge and suddenly a few drops of rain turned into a staggering whirling torrent.  I don’t think I have ever seen rain like it.   But we had  stroke of luck.  The dear old M40 is wide and the bridge was just what we needed to sit out the storm as the rain came lashing across the fields towards us.  The lock was full and ready for us but for once  I was happy to wait.

IMG_1609 (1024x683)

The rain was so heavy we could hardly see through it.
IMG_1599 (1024x683)

I suppose we were the only dry boat and  crew on the whole canal.
IMG_1620 (1024x683)

IMG_1603 (1024x683)
Afterwards as the sun came out, the by washes past the locks had turned into raging torrents and the towpath flooded on lots of places.  Drenched boat crews steamed in the heat and we pottered on to Lowsenford where we met a schoolboy and his grandparents.  Apparently he had been released early from Lapworth school ( a very short distance from us) where a tornado had smashed all the school windows!

Our plan to get to Straford for the weekend has proved to be daft.  All too late we discover that there is a river festival on there and the place is chock a block with boats already.  Plan B is to moor up a few miles North and get the train into Stratford


Anonymous said...

How dramatic!

You really are finding the rain this year :-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Sunman said...

Neil, Meanwhile, in Aldeburgh, we have not had a drop of rain all week. So I am officially changing my name.

Andy Healey said...

Done that before.Lovely and hot here in Norfolk.
NB Centurion Share.

Leo No2 said...

Very nearly got caught in the same storm - can't think of a better place than the M40 bridge (complete with mooring rings IIRC). We are now at Wilmcote (pubs not brilliant I am afraid) and off to Stratford about midday tomorrow. Understand Bancroft Basin not being used for festival so there may be space available. Kathryn

VallyP said...

It's not that long ago you were complaining about lack of rain and water in the canals, I imagine that's no longer the case? Thank goodness for motorway bridges - on occasions like this, anyway. The pics are great!