Thursday, June 21, 2012

Supposedly resting, but not

I have decided not to become a young mum.  Looking after a four year old is exhausting.  Not hat I am at all unused to looking after Grace, but this is 24 hours a day stuff.

Coming down Watford staircase locks she was brilliant.  Continuously reciting "red before white and you'll be alright" and opening and closing bottom gates unassisted.  I have the photos to prove it if I can ever work how how to get them off my fancy new phone and into a computer.  The lockie awarded Grace a certificate in recognition of her efforts.

Just in case I get a slew of elf and safety comments, I did keep a very close eye on her and she was wearing a lifejacket.

Braunston tunnel was difficult as ever.  I'm sure they built in slalom in there deliberately to catch out unwary skippers.  I should love to see a proper map to explain all the bends and bulges in there.

We got here to Braunston a bit late because of queues at the locks and we have had to moor out past bridge 89.  Still handy for the path up to the village though and we have already raided the butcher's shop and severely depleted his stock.

Usually I pride myself on meticulous forward planning on our trips but this time I have made a boo boo.  In choosing to moor up the start of the North Oxford for the Braunston rally weekend, I forgot to check where the next winding hole was because to continue our journey next week we need to go back to Braunston turn and go along the GU towards Wigrams Turn.  It turns out we'll have to go all the way to Hillmorton to turn round- a round trip of  about ten miles, or four hours. 

Suffice it to say that I am in the doghouse.


Amy said...

We will see you in Braunston on Saturday!


Adam said...

I think I'd be tempted to turn in the entrance to Barby moorings. It'll save you about 40 mins, which is better than nothing.

Also hope to see you on Sunday.

Alf said...

Practice your reversing ??

Oakie said...

I hope you left me some faggots in that Braunston butchers! I will be there on Leo No2 to stock up on Monday. Hopefully, we will see you in Stratford soon and I look forward to meeting you for a beer or two and catch up on the goss.

VallyP said...

Well done to Grace. A four year old in training for boat handling and locking. Fantastic :) Funny how elf and safety seems to crop up so much in daily conversation. Sign of the times. Still, a life jacket does sound like a wise thing for one so small.