Sunday, May 05, 2013

Itchington and water

I bet you're ITCHING TO kNow how the Long Itchington beer festival is going (sorry, couldn't resist). If you have never been to such an event it is almost certain your idea of it is wrong. No, there are no groups of pot bellied men muttering about malt and hops, just normal people of all ages from teens to my age and beyond, sitting in the pubs or on the grass of the village green and having conversations about anything.

It's all jolly nice, but for a full report you'll have to wait until I get home and can download the photos from my cameras. Stupidly I forgot to bring the appropriate connecting leads.

It feels abit like spring is here at last although we are still lighting the stove on Herbie at night. The journey here was good and lots of wild flowers came out to greet us. However, Kath is upset because when she wasn't with us (me, Rick and Marilyn) when we at last managed to meet up with Lesley and Joe on Yarwood at Braunston and Joe gave us the guided tour of their lovely boat. We have been rubbing it in all weekend.

Meanwhile, while you wait patiently for the full Itchington report, I have something interesting to show you. If you look at the photo at the foot of this post, you will see a small log and a glass of water. The glass of water is an accurate measure of the amount of water that has dried out from this log since September. I know this because I am an anorak who goes around weighing bits of wood as they dry out. Anyway, it's pretty astonishing don't you think? That's why you should season your firewood before burning it.


Vallypee said...

Anorak or no, Neil, that really is amazing! How did you manage to measure that? Have I missed a post where you explain, or am I having a senior moment and just forgotten? The beer fest sounds lovely in the spring sunshine. I sometimes think I should sell up here, buy a narrowboat and just potter round the English canals. It sounds so relaxing. Okay, you have enough adventure to keep the blood pumping too, but you definitely get far more cruising hours in than I do…sigh. We are always at the mercy of tides and strong currents, not to mention having the necessary time.

Halfie said...

As Val says, amazing! It looks like the log has lost about half a pound, or a quarter of its original weight. Am I close?