Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Trepidation and satisfaction

The weather forecasters tell us were in for some gales. This is not good, for at the weekend we're off to our annual sailing holiday on the Norfolk Broads. Our level of sailing expertise is pretty primitive to put it mildly and places like Hickling Broad are not the ones you would choose to sail in a gale. It might only be four feet deep, but if a boat goes over, it's a long way to the bank.

If it looks too blowy I shall be brave enough to say I am not brave enough to sail that day, at least across the big expanses of water.

On another subject, as we arrived at the foot of Watford locks today I made the customary walk up the hill to find the lock keeper to book in. As most people know, it is written in the scriptures that whenever a boater shall arrive at these locks , then the lock keep shall be at the other end. So there I was puffing and blowing up the hill when I remarked to another boater that this would either get me fit or kill me and he kindly pointed out that it would cost me a fortune to get this kind of exercise if I joined a gym. Briefly, I felt better about it, then on second thoughts I was forced to reply, "yes but this is costing me a fortune anyway".

Never mind, I'd much rather do a flight of locks than spend an hour pedalling on some exercise bike. Our cruise this week has reminded me why I like boating. The countryside has been lovely, the people friendly and interesting and the quiet hours relaxing on the boat after a hard days locking have been a tonic.

Kath has put the evenings to good use remembering forgotten tunes on her dulcimer. Several have come back to life like old friends returning from abroad.


Val Poore said...

Haha, Neil, at least you were combining pleasure, leisure AND the pain of getting fit! Very economical of you. That is one beautiful photo of Kath. Like a Rembrandt painting with that light on her. good luck with the sailing!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've seen a dulcimer before - it looks like a beautiful instrument - thought not as lovely as its player of course!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream