Saturday, May 25, 2013

Windy Crick

Blimey it was windy yesterday. When we arrived here at Crick the winds was hammering down the marina. People were looking anxiously over to all the show marquees, wondering if any of them would blow down.

We quickly got inside Herbie, but soon had to go out again when the tonneau cover from the rear deck tried to blow away. Luckily one of the elastics snagged on a cleat and saved the day. Ten minutes later there was a clank and a bang and our gangplank blew off the roof!

Boaters' cars have been moved into a field behind the show ground as there is no access to the normal ones near the boats. I had to make a few trips with a wheelbarrow to ferry all our stuff on board. Coming back on the last of these trips I heard the toot of a steam whistle and looking up, saw Nb President and her butty Kildare (probably the most famous pair of narrowboats) turning into the marina entrance. They stopped in the entrance for a few minutes while they tried to work out how they were going to get to their allotted show place. Eventually they just went for it.

Luckily for them the wind was blowing in exactly the opposite direction to that which it normally does. Had that not been so, they would no doubt have ended up at the wrong end of the marina, stuck against a raft of boats moved out of the way for the show.

We popped over to the beer tent in the evening where the local marina band were playing. We were surprised so many people had friend out as it was so cold. We didn't stay long, but long enough to note that they have nearly 40 real ales set up and half a dozen ciders. It seems like we have left one beer festival and arrived at another.

This morning the wind is dropped and it is sunny. Show time!

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Val Poore said...

Lovely sky. You can almost feel the breeze. Hope it's a great weekend!