Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Solar perplexus

We Brits are a funny lot. Today the weather had been sublime. For boating just about perfect. And yet almost everyone we have chatted to at locks or on the canal bank has reminded us that it'll rain tomorrow or Thursday.

Over the past few days our solar panel has really been earning its keep. We stayed put at Long Itchington for three whole days without needing to run the engine. In fact in weather like this I reckon the panel could keep us going almost indefinitely. It's been putting in between 4 and 6 amps all day which is quite enough for our fridge, lights radio etc.

Now we interrupt this programme for a news flash. The New Inn at Buckby top lock has reopened. This much missed waterside facility is once again available for all who pass, although food wise there is a limited menu pending the arrival of new kitchen equipment. An investigative team sent to sample the beer this evening reported that it is very good. Now back to the studio.

Guess where we are moored this evening. If you can't, here's a photo or two.

Ps congrats to Adam for correctly guessing last night's spot
Pps re the water and the log. You weigh the log (in grams) when new and then several months later. The difference is the weight of water lost. Pour that many ml of water in a glass and there you see it.


Adam said...

Guess? That wasn't a guess, that was knowledge!

And tonight it looks as though you're in the spot where we were moored when you came to see us for dinner a couple of years ago.

Val Poore said...

Thanks for the explanation about the log, Neil. And another dreamy spot. Lucky you - although luck probably doesn't have much to do with it. Well chosen!