Wednesday, September 26, 2018

All change

Phew, back on the canal and having to work again. We're not used to winding paddle gears and pushing gates. People on the Thames don't know how molly coddled they are. When we're even older and more decrepit than we are now, I can see us in a cruiser with driving seats tootling up and down and letting Thames lockies do the work. Some nice old wooden Broads cruiser might be acceptable.

Actually tonight we're still moored on the river, only it's the Cherwell between Thrupp and Enslow. In the peace and quiet of the countryside, if you discount the helicopters, the nearby cement works, the tractor spraying goodness knows what on the adjacent field and the railway trains every few minutes. Aah well.


Vallypee said...

So, condition normal then, Neil! I've only just commented on your last post and you go an put up another one! One thing about those locks on the canals...they keep you from going rusty, if not the boat!

Tom and Jan said...

Get off the recreational chemicals Neil :-)

In the future Thames locks will be user operated and the weirs will be automated and operated from a central control system based in India

Oakie said...

Now in Banbury and heading towards you, so hope to meet up for beer o'clock somewhere conducive to thirsty real ale drinkers. Ray nb Stronghold.