Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Swan song

Our last night on the Thames ( or I suppose it might be the Isis right here) and we're at East Street in Oxford. Tomorrow we head back up Port Meadow and onto the canal via Duke's cut. On someone's (Bones maybe?) recommendation we celebrated our river adventure with a meal and a drinky at The Punter at Osney ( now we know it's pronounced Oasney. Nice place The Punter.

And it has a very original menu. I had goat curry pie!

East Street moorings :

How good it would be to show people the beauty of Port Meadow, but being so vast and flat, it doesn't photograph easily, so how about this:

We've enjoyed the Thames more than we expected. I'll do a post about what we learned when we get back home. Right now we have to get used again to flexing our muscles on the canal locks and worrying about water levels. Surprisingly, the river has been at normal levels throughout. Amazing after the hot dry summer.

Look out CRT, here we come.


Carol said...

Love your tongue in cheek blogs!

Pip and Mick said...

Levels at Cropredy are good, as was the summit pound. We're heading your way slowly so we may well cross bows.
Pip NB Oleanna

Vallypee said...

Ah you've been spoilt by the lock keepers, have you? The Thames looks so peaceful in this weather. I'm glad you haven't seen it in too much of a bad mood!