Monday, September 24, 2018


That's more like it. Not a ripple on the water tonight. We're out in the sticks above Swinford toll bridge. You may recall that that bridge, which has been privately owned since it was built in 1796, was sold at auction about ten years back for over a million quid. The toll of 5p for cars and 10p per axle for lorries should have got them most of their money back by now because they get over 10,000 vehicles a day crossing. Locals wanted the council to buy the bridge to get rid of the long queues at the toll, but apparently they didn't have the money to buy and maintain it.

This morning we passed once again through the much prettier Newbridge bridge, probably my favourite on the Thames.

You can easily see where it has been patched up over the years.

And then this footbridge which looks wooden from a distance but is in fact disappointingly concrete.

If you read yesterday's post you recall the taciturn lock keeper. Well he was on duty at another lock today and he was quite cheerful and chatty and kind to his dog. Ours not to reason why.

Oxford again tomorrow. I'll try and get some photos this time.

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