Monday, January 07, 2008

Blimey! Space at the General

Boaters familiar with Uxbridge will recognise the significance of this photo. For years, BW has been trying to move on a group of "continuous moorers" from the visitor moorings outside the General Eliott pub. Their boats were mostly in a poor state, mostly unlicenced and not always floating. The bonfires and piles of rubbish on the bank did little to encourage other boats to stop even if there had been room. Last year we saw one boat being impounded to be sold or broken for scrap, and BW did manage to get the others to buy licences. Now they seem to have persuaded them all to move.

The landlady of the pub actually wrote to BW in support of the moorers because in general they were kind to her and I suspect consumed a lot of her wares. Lets hope now that ordinary boaters take advantage of the space to bring her a bit of alternative trade. We'll no doubt do our bit.

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