Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Braver than me

The morning of New Years Day and these hardy folk of Lee on the Solent are taking a dip in the freezing sea. You might just make out an Isle of Wight ferry in the far distance, trying, I'm sure, not to mow down innocent yachtsmen. You might also see the jet skier in the mid distance. He has no need to worry because the new drink driving laws for water craft won't apply to him, as if jet skiers weren't dangerous enough already!

At midnight on New Years Eve we celebrated on the beach with mulled wine and fireworks
while I attempted to play Auld Lang Syne on my Scottish Smallpipes. Quite a bizarre experience really. I don't think I imagined it. However this after dinner view of the glassware on our host's dinner table does suggest we got through a fair bit of booze.

Not long now until Herbie sets off on her first cruise of 2008. Yippee!

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Hiya its Lisa here on the narrowshop boat. Just came accross your blog. I will add it to my blog friends and keep popping back if thats ok!?. We are a shop all year round and The Ice Cream Boat in the summer so you will spot us no trouble!. We are heading to Chester in next few weeks then in May London canals. Take care for now luv. Lisa do feel free to viit my blog sometime. Thanks. Lisa