Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Making a committment

For a long time we've been planning the great Herbie roofpaint. Now we're committed because today I've booked High Line Yachting's Cowley wet dock for the first week in March. That'll give us seven days in the warm and dry to scrape off all the old paint, apply rust protection and several coats of paint.

Its a modern wet dock, fully enclosed as you can see in the photo. We drive Herbie in, close the big black door, and get to work. Working indoors in a heated environment means you can get more coats of paint on in a given time, and of course you have electricity for the power tools you need. A week there costs £160 plus whatever electricity you use, and you have 24hr access if you need to work on into the evening. Not bad really. Of course it'll also cost an arm and a leg for paint and sandpaper, and for hiring some heavyweight tools to get the old paint off. Nobody said boating was cheap.

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