Thursday, January 24, 2008


Today we drove out to Cowley to have a look inside the wet dock where we will be repainting Herbie's roof in March. I was surprised but pleased to see that the dock is only wide enough for narrowboats, which means we'll be able to get at both sides of the boat at once. Along the walls were plenty of power sockets, including 110volt ones which are needed for industrial tools like the one we'll be hiring to get the old paint off.

You might be a bit misled by the photo. The space you can't see on the other side of the boat is just as wide as the side you can see. Notice there are lots of lights - very important when you are painting and there are also overhead infra red heaters, but apparently they would cost a bomb in electricity if we use them much. Let's hope the weather is as warm as today when we come to do it.

The guys there told us that we shouldn't get any condensation on the roof overnight, which is another good thing as the paint will dry better and we won't have to remove any moisture before we start next morning.

All in all it looks ideal, so we won't have any excuses!

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