Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dumping food overboard

I like to bring you unusual boats to look at and here's a good 'un. A specialist cargo carrying vessel transporting high protein supplies which at a given point it discharges overboard and into the deep. I don't think you'll ever see one on a canal. You can get yourself one for a few hundred quid, but you probably wouldn't want to unless you were a carp fisherman. It's a radio controlled bait boat.

The idea is this. The angler finds what he thinks is a good fish friendly spot in a lake by flinging out a weighted line and "feeling" the bottom of the lake for gravel as he drags it in. He releases a float from the weight to act as a marker buoy. You can just make out the red marker in front of the boat in the picture. Then he loads his bait boat with his special bait and sends it out to the chosen spot where it tips out the load of fish attracting freebies. Next he uses the boat again, to carry out a water soluble plastic bag containing a baited hook, a weight, and more free samples. All this of course attached to his fishing line and his rod and reel . So his baited hook drops exactly where he wants it.

The weight is a pretty hefty one and when the carp picks up the bait it feels the resistance of the weight and it bolts, thus hooking itself because the weight stays put. At the other end of the line, the angler's electronic bite alarm goes beep beep and he rises from his easy chair and hauls in the monster. This is fishing Jim, but not as we know it.

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