Monday, January 07, 2008

Herbie rides again

Back on the water at last, if only for a couple of days. I hope our luck continues like this for the rest of 2008 because the weather was bright and sunny, if a bit cold.

Once again the old Slough Arm threw up some surprises. In our 50 minute journey up the arm we saw 4 pike in the shallows, a jubilant group of antique bottle diggers who had found a Victorian dump in the canalside bushes, and some people ferreting (successfully) for rabbits. It makes the odd brush with submerged tyres and floating branches worthwhile.

On up to Uxbridge boat centre where we filled up with diesel. I didn't realise we were so low. It took 145 litres to fill up. At 60p a litre thats £87. This time next year when the fuel tax exemption comes off pleasure craft, it'll be nearly double that.

Winter sun at Uxbridge lock.

Following the advice of our neighbour Geoff on Lady Elgar, we moored up for the night outside the Swan & Bottle at Uxbridge. Ten paces from boat to pub door :-) The food was very good too. We'll definately go again.

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