Saturday, June 26, 2010

Braunston pickle

This the GU main line at Braunston today.

Looking in the other direction from the same bridge, things weren't a lot easier.

Heaven help anyone trying to merely pass through, for this was the annual historic narrowboat rally with 90 boats, mostly 70 footers, on parade. There are some mouthwateringly good boats here, fabulous signwriting and paint jobs, and wonderful sounding vintage engines.

All having a jolly time in the hot sunshine and stoking up a thirst for the beer tent. Big boats in tight spaces call for expert handling and we did see one or two smack into the far side bank piling on exiting from the marina. However the star performance was probably a chap we only know as Pete reversing a butty into the entrance and down the narrow channel next to the workshops.

Here he is, on the little boat which is pushing the big one, both being in reverse, and heading under the narrow bridge I am standing on to take the picture.

To warm applause he did it!


Another highlight of the day was seeing Sarah steering Chertsey on its first public outing since all the restoration work she and Jim have done. She was well pleased.

Those with keen eyesight might just spot James and Amy "Duck" hitching a ride.

A brilliant day and a good chance for an informal mini gathering of boat bloggers too.

PS Today's title was thought up by Rick, so don't blame me.
Meanwhile Herbie awaits us at Fenny Stratford where we will resume our travels tomorrow.

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VallyP said...

Oh what lovely (as they say over here!). Beautiful boats and so many of them too. Must have been a feast for the eyes and ears! I'sd so love to go there.