Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kath on a hot tin roof

Phew what a scorcher! At Berkhamsted (which sports a handsome new bridge sign)

today Kath washed Herbie's roof while we took on water. The water was evaporating oin a cloud of steam in seconds, such was the heat. A good job we have wooden handrails. Earlier, we had to endure a choking blizzard of willow fluff falling from the canalside trees.

One interesting but somewhat unpleasant event today was seeing a heron snatch a poor little duckling right in front of it's mum. I'm not at all sure I like herons and I certainly don't when they have a duckling dangling from their beak.

Altogether we did 15 locks in the heat of the day and we were glad to arive safely in Cowroast where Herbie now nestles immediatley behind Simon's Tortoise who we will cruise with tomorrow.

here is our view tonight

and our view at Winkwell last night -
all too handy for the pub next to the swing bridge. In years gone by, Kath used to stop the traffic with her good looks, these days she resorts to pressing the ubtton on the bridge console:-)

Yesterday at Kings Langley we passed a very lonely looking Indigo Dream and were sad to have missed meeting Sue and Richard. Maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for spotting ID - always good to know that she's still where we left her!

Doesn't Berko look good with its new signs.

happy cruising

Sue, Indigo Dream

Anonymous said...

You're a brave man with that last but 1 comment :-)
Us ladies, a little over 21, get a bit touchy lol.

VallyP said...

Gorgeous evening shots Neil, and yes, I kind of agree with Julie there. I'm sure Kath could still stop the traffic with her looks if she wanted to :) It's a matter of choice these days isn't it, Kath?