Friday, June 04, 2010

A new marina for the Slough Arm?

Some news (all heard second hand , so unverified). Planning permission has been applied for to open a new marina in one of the gravel pits adjacent to the Slough Arm. Access would be via the arm, with a lock needed in order to drop the boats down to the level of the pit.

Will this threaten the business of our moorings further down the arm? Apparently not according to the owner of our yard. The new marina will have basic facilities only, i.e. a place to keep a boat, but no facilities. It might be very cheap to moor there I suppose. Of course the planning permission may not be given so it might come to nothing. Sadly I don't think it will lead to a fresh determination on the part of BW to address the much needed dredging and weed clearance in the arm because the new marina will be up the "good end", not far from the main canal.

Changing the subject. A good day's progress on Herbie yesterday despite the heat. Working down the engine hole in such weather is not my idea of fun, but the batteries are now properly lined up and restrained, ready for the new ones to be installed next week. I also nearly finished the cratch table. Photos of the finished work next week I hope.


Simon said...

curious - new locks aren't cheap, I don't know of any other new marinas who've thought it was worthwhile financially to use a site that needed one.

Perhaps one day they might even see fit to signpost the arm...?

Anonymous said...

Well, that IS news, though I was rather hoping for a restoration of the basin at the end to attract more boats (and maybe more BW maintenance).

Mind you, if there were more boats then we'd all meet more people and have to drink more beer -it's a hard life.....

Sue, Indigo Dream

Thomas said...

I read somwhere that the plan involved "Circus Fields" as the site of the new marina. Is that a location which is known to anyone?

Tom, Tallymae.