Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Next job: Less DIY more cruising

Hooray, the cratch table is completed all bar a coat of varnish on the leg. Here it is up,

and folded away:

The folding system (the brainchild of David "Rainman" if I recall correctly) works brilliantly and the table is up and down in a trice. However I wouldn't want to sit on it. For light dining or card games use only I think.
Note the cunning recess at the bottom of the leg so that we can access the water tank filler when the leg is laid down.

The new batteries are in and much better arranged, creating simpler wiring and more space. Some of the cables are too long now so if I get some shorter ones it'll be even neater.

Today I finished the side hatch window, which has been hanging around for weeks in a semi assembled state.

I've had enough of boat DIY for a bit, although there are still some little jobs to do, not least completing the signwriting. We're also contemplating getting and fitting a solar panel to save running the engine just for battery charging. We ought to buy that before the inevitable VAT increase in a fortnight.

However what I really want to do is to go boating! We hope to set off in a couple of weeks time and we're leaning toward a trip northward up the GU (of which we never tire), and probably up the Leicester arm to Market Harborough and back. Saltysplash gives it a big recommendation.


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser http://nbharnser.blogspot.com said...

You should be prowed of the joinery on the table

Anonymous said...

The table looks fantastic! It demonstrates your handiness and artistry to perfection. Also your perseverance - I was impressed how you laughed off the loss of the flap support overboard. I've done a similar thing with a fluorescent tube onto concrete - twice! David

VallyP said...

Well made Neil. It all looks great. A very neat job on the table there!