Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Red diesel changes threaten older engines??

I generally like to think of my self as an optimist, but sometimes I struggle. Now I read that as from next year, red diesel, which we all use in our boats, will have to contain no sulphur. "So what?" you may ask. Well sulphur acts as a lubricant which is vital to keep some types injector pump going and protects some seals from wear. Injector pumps that might well fail without sulphur include ones made by CAV, which are fitted to BMC engines used by lots and lots of boats, including Herbie. Aarrgh!

There is some discussion about it on Canal World Forums, albeit inconclusive. From one post it implies that it will be possible to use an additive to overcome the problem. How many BMC owners will become aware though, and how many engines may fail before people find out? I think we should look to sellers of diesel to at least make customers aware and offer a solution.

By the way, sorry to be tiresome by changing the blog template yet again, but my old friend Roy says the previous one rendered some of the page illegible. ( Knowing Roy, he's probably browsing on a steam driven PC.) Is this better?


Halfie said...

Perhaps it will be like the prophecies of doom when leaded petrol disappeared. I have been running my 41 year old Volvo, not converted for unleaded, on unleaded petrol for years with no ill effect (yet).

VallyP said...

I hope Halfie is right here. I must say, though, we aren't even allowed to use red diesel over here. Big fines if we are caught! The costs of boating make it look less and less affordable with all the new regs coming in too.