Friday, June 18, 2010

A working boat trip

We're off on Herbie tomorrow. Hooray. Three weeks afloat. Although we have jobs to try and get done while we cruise, so it'll be something of a working boat holiday in parts. We're going up the GU to as far as we have time for, and back.

First job - try to stop at Denham and take a picture to replace the one at the header of the blog. I thought it would be nice to use the same spot to picture Herbie in her new colours. Wait a minute though, we don't yet have signwriting on that side. That's another job to do if we get a good spot and a nice evening, or more probably two evenings. Maybe I'll have to take the photograph on the way back. Then the boat will be facing the wrong way :-) Ah well.

We also want to find time to give the boat a good shampoo and wax, the first since the repaint. This would be very hard to do at our moorings because we are moored on the outside of Humbug.

Another job is to get fit! That's part of the reason we picked the GU rather than the Thames. We need all those locks to lick us into shape. The other part of the reason is that we really like it, especially the section that cross the chilterns. Winkwell, Berkhamstead, Tring, Marsworth, Ivinghoe, lovely.

It'll also be a working boat trip in another sense, because next weekend we plan to visit the Historic Working Boat Rally at Braunston. We won't reach that far on Herbie but we'll do the last bit overland somehow.

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Halfie said...

Neil, we're hoping to be at Braunston on the Sunday (like you, not by boat), so I'll look out for you. There ought to be a bloggers' meeting point at events like this. I'll have to blog about it.

Hope your batteries recover OK.