Thursday, September 08, 2011

Treats in store

First the bad news. Tomorrow we have to rise at 5am !!!!!!!

Well you might too if you had the promise of a narrowboat Thames cruise from Limehouse to Wandsworth and back.  Sue and Richard on Indigo Dream are participating in a rehearsal for next years Queens Jubillee flotilla of 500(?) boats and with typical generosity have invited us to join them.  How nice is that? Only 26 narrowboats will be going out tomorrow, and a larger group of allsorts on Saturday.  We’re just going for the Friday

We have to be at Limehouse soon after 8 pm and that means an early train for us.  The strange thing is that to make a day of it, and avoid the tube which Kath hates, we plan get down river from Waterloo station by using the Thames Clipper boats.  Which means that before we start the narrowboat trip we will have already done a lot of it by Clipper.  Is that daft?  No, no at all.  Zooming down the Thames at speed in a 200 seater speedboat is entirely different from standing on the back of a narrowboat at 5mph.  Wandsworth is well upstream of Westminster so we’ll get to have a good long view of all the sights both out and back.  And there’s something special about being in a flotilla of 26 narrowboats.  Apparently we will be returning downstream in formation and going into West India docks.  Brilliant.  Must charge up the camera batteries.

Then more treats.  We plan on Saturday to go up to Herbie at Crick for a few days.  We’re hoping to meet up with Adam and Adrian of Nb Briar Rose for a drink on Saturday night, then on Sunday Rick and I hope to play with the glow plug wiring to get them working.  My cup runneth over!


Halfie said...

What it is to be retired, eh? I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

And we're in the half of the flotilla which gets to practice the emergency stop at the end of the day!

The briefing was fab - it should be a great day.

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

ps. if you're reading this at 10.30pm on Thursday night turn off your computer immediately and get to bed - you've got an early start tomorrow :-)

VallyP said...

Just wonderful! Like Halfie, I look forward to being retired, but that dat seems to stretch ever further into the distance, thanks to the powers that be. Hope you had/have had a fantastic day.