Thursday, July 19, 2012

A flavour of the Warwickshire ring

Total distance is 161 miles, 1 furlong and 217 locks. There are at least 7 moveable bridges of which 2 are usually left open; 34 small aqueducts or underbridges; 12 tunnels and 2 major aqueducts.
This is made up of 125 miles, 5½ furlongs of narrow canals; 35 miles, 3½ furlongs of broad canals; 159 narrow locks; 58 broad locks.
So goes Canalplan’s summary of our recent trip, which is a sort of augmented version of the Warwickshire ring.  Basically a cruise calling in at Warwick, Stratford upon Avon, Birmingham, Tamworth, Coventry and Rugby to the non boater.  Or a cruise passing through Braunston, Wigram’s Turn, Lapworth, Bancroft basin, Gas Street, Salford junction, Fazeley, and Hawkesbury to the canal person.
Whatever, it’s a good mix of canals and scenery, and I’ve picked out a few pictures to show some of the sights  - all from the first half really.
Early morning after we had winded near Braunston after the rally
IMG_1560 (1024x683)
Me not looking where I’m going steering Chertsey somewhere between Braunston and Wigram’s turn.
IMG_1566 (1024x745)
The smallest of the three Stratford canal aqueducts
IMG_1623 (1024x683)
A bit of bad parking near Stratford
P1060320 (1024x768)
Edgbaston on the Worcs and Birmingham
IMG_1646 (1024x683)
A peaceful night in Birmingham city centre
 P1060332 (1024x561)
Next morning, only 200 yards away this wonderful wild flower verge on a housing estate!
P1060339 (1024x562)
Believe it or not, in a lock on the Farmer’s Bridge flight
P1060362 (1024x768)
What’s not to like?


Kevin said...

Hi Neil,
Sorry for an 'off topic' posting but...
Could I please nominate Sue & Richard of nb Indego Dream ( receive a coveted 'Herbie Award For Fortitude' for their dedication and caring for hounds?

Neil Corbett said...

Fair point Kevin. Poor Sue has been having a tough time hasn't she.

However Herbie Awards are not considered until November / December and I do try to keep them canal related.

Kevin said...

Yeah but... yeah but... yeah but... they are boating dogs, and Sue does do dressing up as a hound when aboard her boat to raise funds for the cause :)
Anyway that's my case in a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

Kevin you really are too kind, but you can't expect to nobble the judges with sweet words - you'll need large quantities of real ale!!!

But seriously, NO awards needed, we are not doing anything above and beyond what anyone with a sickly hound would do!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Neil Corbett said...

Yeah but no but yeah but no. Sue does deserve an award I'm sure but computer says no in this case because she already had one for hospitality last year and the constitution declares that no-one can win two.

Sue, I disagree with your last statement. I'm not at all sure that many people would manage the level of devotion (not to say expense) that you do for your beloved hounds. If I was a greyhound, I'd want to be yours:-)

Case closed.