Friday, July 06, 2012

Herbie at the epicentre

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Here we are at what is arguably the epicentre of England’s canal system.  Cambrian wharf, just a spit from Old Turn Junction in the centre of Brum. Today we’re told to expect mega rain, but last night was fine and warm and we made the most of our mooring spot (despite a forgivable scattering of goose pooh.)
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It seems that this is a particularly auspicious spot for we are told it is the place where the Canal and River Trust will be officially launched on Monday morning.  Some of the signs (note, not signage!) already bear the new logo.

As I write, a TV crew is filming a working boat ascending the top lock just across from us.  What they won’t tell you on telly is that they backed into the lock first so that they can film it coming up.
We seem to be good at being in the right place at the right time.  Last weekend we were in Stratford and a huge crowd gathered just outside Herbie. 

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I was beginning to wonder what we had done to deserve such attention, when a bloke chasing a cocacola bus ran past carrying a flaming torch and then everbody went away.

Good luck to those boaters on Eastern and Midland Rivers today and tomorrow.  If I were you I would tie up somewhere safe.  The towpaths might be ankle deep in mud, but at least on a canal we are unlikely to be washed away.

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