Friday, July 27, 2012

Seizing the day

Several days of guaranteed no rain, so I went out to Herbie to get a bit of touch up painting done.  Carpe Diem (or as Rick calls it “fish of the day”). Over Tuesday to Thursday I managed to rub down and repaint the long wooden handrails and strip and repaint the front of the cratch.  No time for fancy diamonds just yet, but just a plain colour.  The cratch wood had parted from the paint and had begun to show cracks and splits, so I had to sand back to good wood then fill cracks, then prime, then undercoat etc etc.  So I needed three warm days.  It was so hot during the day that I suspect the paint was hardening at twice the normal rate. 

I got another vital job done too.  The deck board upon which we stand to steer had begun to disintegrate.  I had visions of suddenly disappearing as through a stage trap door one of these days.  Whilst I could make my own – even I can cut a rectangle – 18mm  hexagrip, the stuff it is made of, only comes in 8ft by 4ft sheets at nearly £100.  Instead I strolled up to see the chap at Straight & Narrow, the boat fitters conveniently located by our marina entrance.  He made me a board for £35 including removing the sound insulation and the brass warning labels from the old board and fitting them to the new.  And I only had to wait an hour or so.

I could have dome with another few days really, there are so many little jobs to do, but tomorrow we’re off camping in them thar hills.

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