Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Where’s Noah when you need him?

They say it’s the wettest June /July since records began.  Well I reckon records began in Genesis chapter 7 and then it only rained for forty days and forty nights.  Maybe I should be trading in Herbie for an Ark. Just to prove sod’s law, the only day it hasn’t rained lately was yesterday – the day we did half our locks in the shelter  “underground” coming down the Farmer’s Bridge flight.

P1060363 (1024x768)

13 locks in 65 minutes – I love this flight and with our secret weapon Jacob, we made light work of it.

P1060360 (1024x756)

The Aston flight which came next was going great too until we came to the penultimate pound which some oiks had emptied.  It took the BW (or should I say Cart now?) man over two hours to get enough water down to float us through.  had I been clever I should have thought to take some pictures of the empty pound to show you, but in my usual dumb fashion I wasted the waiting time taking pictures of some of the wonderful brickwork hereabouts.

P1060371 (1024x768)

Such exquisite geometry don’t you think?

Still we got to Curdworth by early afternoon.  This is one trip where the norm of 3mph and four or five locks an hour is way out.  I think Canalplan predicts about 9 hours for his trip with default settings  and it only takes about 5 in reality.

Today, out in the open air of the run up to Fazeley it rained much of the way.  It’s not a bad little canal though, admittedly not a destination in its own right but nice enough.


Oakie said...

I am surprised you did Aston during the day, when there is a strong possibility of banditry in that area. My choice would be very early in the morning when they are all sleeping it off. Pleased to hear about The Prince of Wales pub. I thought they were all Eurofizz pubs in that neck of the woods.

Metalite Marine said...

That's surely one great picture of a brickwork!

Halfie said...

We did the Aston flight on a hot Saturday afternoon in May and encountered no problems.