Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shakin’ All Over

I’m pickin’ up bad vibrations*

They’re giving me excitations

In other words:

Quivers down my  backbone,*

I got the shakes down my knee bone

Yeah tremors in my thigh bone

Shakin’ all over

In other words,

Herbie’s engine mounts need a bit of attention. 

I don’t mind a bit of engine diy but engine alignment and possible replacement of mounts is I reckon a job best done by someone with experience.  So our next trip out will be to a boatyard where they can sort out the problem. Probably Calcutt as they have installed a few hundred BMC engines and they have any spares needed on site.  When I can work out a date to get there I’ll give ‘em a call.

Herbie also has a little bit of paint touching up to do – on the handrails, the bow, and the recently scarred side hatch cover.  All I need is some warm dry weather.

Then she needs blacking. And we fancy revamping the bathroom and making some changes to the galley.  Then the floor is looking a bit worn.

I feel a raid on the Sinking Fund coming on.

Meanwhile our annual Shropshire camping holiday looms large.  All in all I reckon our next longish cruise will be in September when we had thought about making an assault on the north side of the Shroppie to visit a friend in Chester.

*(with apologies to Brian Wilson and Johnny Kidd)

PS the tunnel light is now mended.

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