Sunday, July 08, 2012

Do bears . . . ?

It’s not every day I do a blog with pictures of a gentlemen’s toilet, but today I’ll make an exception as I thought you might enjoy these pictures I took with my phone camera last night.

loo1  loo2  loo3

I thought it was brilliant.

The loo is in the Prince of Wales pub, just a minute’s walk from our mooring here at Cambrian Wharf in Brum.  A gem of a pub.  Despite the striking loo decor, it’s a proper pub with a proper pub atmosphere and half a dozen really well kept ales including a mild (Jim note).

We love Brum centre.  Very civilised and attractive and so much more chilled out than London.  In Victoria square they have big screens up for everyone to watch Andy Murray this afternoon.  (actually they’re there for the Olympics mainly, but they’ve been showing Wimbledon all week.)

We’re on the move again tomorrow morning after three days R&R.  We have some hard locking to do, starting with the plunge down the Farmer’s Bridge flight then out through Aston and under spaghetti junction.  hard graft, but we have a master plan for survival.  Home goes our last week’s crew (the somewhat languid and cerebral Peter) and off the sub’s bench comes 14 year old Jacob, our grandson. Fully fit and full of vim and vigour.

If you don’t know what Vim is, its quite like Ajax.

If you don’t know what Ajax is, you need to be older.


VallyP said...

Been reading your last posts Neil. What stoicism! The weather just has not been kind to you this year, has it? Still, there's a certain feeling of adventure about it all. What a summer though...yuk. We've not had it quite so bad here although this weekend's been pretty dreadful. Only Mozzies, sticky warmth and hazy sunshine between the showers.

John said...

We were moored in the Gas Basin last Friday and went to the Prince of Wales. Like you I thought the Gents was worth a photo or two, if only to show the wife. The bloke who came in as I was taking the photos gave me the a very strange look - can't think why?