Friday, April 29, 2016


How long have we had this flippin' boat? Ten years. And how long have I been promising myself I'll install a clip or a hook to stow away the tiller? Ten years. And when did I notice we've had one all along? A couple of days ago. Doh!

Every time I move the back steps, I notice this long screw sticking out. It's always been there. Finally, finally I twig. I hang the tiller bar on it by slotting the tiller pin hole over the screw and bingo!


Made to measure. All I have to do is rock the steps back a couple of inches to get at it. The work of a second or two. Well, ten years I suppose.

Well we've seen off the last of the big GU locks, now just sixteen little ones to go before arriving at Cropredy on Sunday. I sincerely hope this cold wind dies down before we expose ourselves to the summit around Wormleighton, it was quite nasty along past Wigrams turn today. Now we're sheltering at Napton base camp before the assault on the flight tomorrow. We have no spare oxygen or Kendal mint cake, but I remain optimistic that we will plant the Herbie flag at Marston Doles.

We had a very jolly time at the quiz in Flecknoe last night. Very friendly pub. First round was General Knowledge so we played our Joker (as General Knowledge is our specialist subject). Good decision, as we were soon in the lead. Then came a disastrous round on the 1980s, a decade during which we must have all been asleep because we couldn't remember anything right. Other cunning teams had saved their Jokers for one of the final two rounds where the two topics are chosen from a list of four by the teams with the lowest scores. Sadly there were no questions on biochemistry or Morris dancing, or how to demolish boat chimneys, so our expertise had no chance to show and we were roundly beaten by the friendly locals. Thanks to Rick and Marilyn for ruining the suspension on their car by taking all six of us up to the pub from the canal. And thanks to Simon and Ann, the Moomins, for their excellent company over the last few days. Safe journey.

Our new galley floor mat, bought only last week at Milton Keynes IKEA, seems to be jinxed. Yesterday it suffered a shower of hot ashes burning a small hole, and today the teapot decided to leap off the worktop and anoint the mat with hot wet tea leaves. The teapot lid broke too. Hey ho.


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Vallypee said...

Ooh noo, not more spillages! What's in that tea you're drinking?