Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Rainman loses his touch

As we stopped at Ricky Tescos today we were joined by Rainman (aka David) and Heather for a short trip. All morning we had basked in warm sunshine as we cruised past the delightfully named Stinkhole and up through Stockers Lock.

As soon as Rainman stepped on the boat we were reassured to see little spots of rain on the back deck and we knew all was well in the world. As we set off through Batchworth lock it was definitely looking black over Will's mothers, but Rainman couldn't seem to keep it up, and an intermittent sun fought with the clouds.

Not wishing to waste the gift of extra crew resources I pressed Rainman into action at subsequent locks, so that he could feel some sense of satisfaction at the end of the day, even though he had failed to produce proper rain.

After he and Heather left us at Cassiobury it did brighten up noticeably, so clearly he has not entirely lost his powers.

Pressing on through Iron Bridge lock where we cruelly enlisted several young children to push the gates for us we eventually found a pleasant mooring where we seemed to have exchanged last night's squawking of peacocks for the laughing cackle of a woodpecker.

I fear we may have to work a bit harder tomorrow to reach Apsley.


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Carol said...

We’re moored above Apsley top lock near bridge 153.