Saturday, April 30, 2016

Scary times tomorrow.

Drat! Mr flippin' Met Office tells us that when we arrive at our new mooring at Cropredy tomorrow there will be a 15mph wind blowing across the marina. I'm bound to end up looking like a Berk with Herbie pinned across the end of half a dozen posh boats. What a way to arrive eh? Please cross your fingers for us at about 3pm Sunday.


Up here on the S Oxford it's like Piccadilly blinkin' Circus compared to the GU. Hire boats everywhere. I suppose we'll get used to it. We had a slow haul up Napton locks this morning in the middle of a sizeable queue. Ironic isn't it, that the more you get out in the sticks, the more boats there are on the move. Still, it's nice to get back to single width locks and everyone seems friendly as usual.


Two bits of news today. First, the splendid and delightful news that The Ducks have got engaged. Many congrats James and Amy, that cheered us up immensely.


Then we hear that Sue and Vic have put NB No Problem up for sale. Anybody looking for a comfy live aboard boat that is tried and tested would do well to take a look.




Vallypee said...
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Vallypee said...

I hope it all went well at the marina, it now being eight o'clock your time. I'm guessing you've arrived anyway. So sorry Sue and Vic are selling No Problem...I hope that doesn't mean they're giving up boating....!! I got them mixed up with Indigo Dreaming at first, but now I've realised my mistake...Even so, good to know they are just going wider not disappearing!

Oakie said...

Hey Vallypee, they are buying a FAT BOAT!