Friday, April 01, 2016


You know the way us blokes do things. If all else fails, read the instructions. Today we were giving Herbie a pre season spring clean and I was allocated the task of cleaning the floor. Diligently I dismantled the back steps and cleared out the rack where we keep shoes and set about the floor in that area using a spray bottle of Cif I found in the cupboard under the sink. After doing quite a big area and thinking that this stuff must be strong cos it was attacking my hands a bit, I took a better look at the bottle. It was oven cleaner.

Ah well, I gave it a good rinse and then used the proper stuff. I just have to hope it won't eat the floor under the steps. We use a fair few cotton rugs on the boat and we brought them home to wash. The first one is still in the bath as I write and the water is still dark gray after its third soak and rinse. Anyhow the old boat is starting to look a lot more spic and span.

Having created a lot of shelf space by chucking stuff away, I used some cut down wine bottle boxes to make storage boxes which Kath will cover in some collage type designs and then paint with a protective layer of wax paint. I thought I'd made a good job of them, but the shelves have obviously redesigned themselves since I measured up cos the boxes don't fit. Bah!

Our final job before we left the boat today was to remove the secondary double glazing as we are hoping we won't get more very cold weather. See, we are optimists really.

We have a Rangers Conference in London tomorrow. I think various CRT management types will be giving us their words of wisdom. I wait with bated breath.

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Vallypee said...

Ah yes, measuring. Always fun! My measurements are always so precise and then things shift change or swell because I always have to revise them. I love the oven / floor cleaner....that's just my kind of trick!